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Develop their character, the ideal of service and capacity for leadership in addition to fostering a spirit of comradeship, the College provides facilities for N.C.C training to the volunteer students. The National Cadet Corps in India is a voluntary organization that involves students in adventurous activities. The Cadets are given basic military training in small arms and parades. This simulates interest in the defence of the country as also builds up a reserve of manpower for the Armed Forces. Besides other incentives, the NCC 'C' certificate holders are exempted from the written test of CDS/IMA. The college has one unit of SD infantry wing for boys under the dynamic leadership of ANO.

Rules and Regulations
Every enrolled NCC cadet has to undergo teo parades of two hour each in a week and is required to attend 40 parades in a year.
All cadets shall have to put in 75% attendance at parades so as to become eligible for certificate exams.
Enrolled cadets have also to attend one camp.
The uniforms issued to the cadets are to be used with great care.The uniforms are to be returned at the end of the academic session to the officers concerned, failing which the permission will not be accorded to appear for the University Examination. However, 3rd year cadets shall be allowed to keep some of the items with the notification for which shall be issued by the concerned Associate NCC officers.
'B' & 'C' certificate examinations are held annually for cadets in 2nd and 3rd year of NCC training respectively.
Misbehaviour and misconduct in NCC activities are adjudged by Associate NCC officers can debar the cadet from appearing in the University Examinations.
Enrolled cadets are covered by insurance against any mishap during the training.