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Best Practices

1:-Title of the Practice:- Additional Academic Support

Objectives of the Practice:
  • To provide an opportunity for the quick learners to excel in life.
  • To provide extra academic support
  • To enable the students to achieve their ideals and goals in life.
  • To provide free coaching for pursuing higher studies entrance examinations and other Job oriented exams.
  • To provide a comprehensive outreach educational program to the students.
  • To help the economically poor, students of rural background face future challenges of higher studies and jobs at the college level.
  • The Context:
    Providing quality education to otherwise educationally backward district of the state has been the vision of the college since from its beginning. Students of diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds come to this college for the purpose of seeking higher education. Many students with high academic interest belonging to economically backward communities join this institution. Most of our students come from rural background with mostly illiterate parents. These students cannot afford to go for coaching institutes at farer places. Hence to provide an outreach program to such quick learners as well as other students and facilitate them with additional academic support, the college has practice of carrying out remedial teaching and special lectures from experts. Since the remedial teaching is being implemented continuously, this is planned to provide extensive academic assistance to the students apart from regular teaching. Opportunities are created and made known to the students by making them interact with people who excelled in life. Additionally, special coaching programmes are carried out to help students to face other competitive exams and challenges. The Practice: College intends to provide extra coaching and exposure in the final year of their graduation and Post- Graduation. It starts in the first year of the course. During this students coming from different 2 level institutions are made to understand the different activities and standard of our college and understand the faculty and the class mates. They are made aware of different facilities available in the college. Every course is assigned a course incharge to guide them. During the session, fast and slow learners are identified and it is made possible that students they are prepared for extra academic support. Students are provided more access to ICT based teaching, extra training in the use of E- Resources is provided. For this the college is developing sufficient facilities. Five labs besides four class rooms and 1 smart class room has ICT based teaching facility. The final year students are regularly provided coaching to the PG Courses entrance exams by most of the departments. Career counselling cell is providing counselling for job oriented exams. Evidences of Success: A large number of our final year students are pursuing PG courses and other professional courses in different institutes of state and outside. Problems Encountered and Resources Required: The main obstacle was the time for the conduct of extra teaching and funds required. The faculty voluntarily decided to conduct in the zero hours. Requirement of funds is partially met from the Govt. Grants. Above all the active involvement of faculty members helped to undertake this practice regularly.


    2: Title of the Practice:-National Service Scheme(NSS)

    Objectives of the Practice:
    The college has a strong NSS wing working under the NSS Cell, University of Jammu. The institution promotes NSS for the all-round development and character building of the students as well as to extend its activity at the community level. NSS is the platform for community service. The college has adopted nearby Village Aghar-Ballian for its extension activity. Under NSS the college promotes extension work bringing together the campus and the community. The college follows Regular Activity and Special Camp Activity to understand the community in which they work and also understand themselves in relation to their community, identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem solving and help them to develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility. Such activities help them to gain skills in mobilizing community participation and practice national integration and social harmony.


    The Context:
    Various problems are being faced by villages of Reasi district like drug addiction, poor health and hygiene, lack of awareness about various Govt. Schemes, poor sanitation, garbage disposal problems are a few among them. NSS unit of the college feels if awareness has to be disseminated, women and children are the best sources. Sufficient mobilization is needed to introduce new ideas to the children as they lose interest very easily. Organizing health awareness programme is equally challenging as they seem to hold strong affinity to the age old misconceptions regarding health. The planning and designing of programmes need to be done accordingly. The Practice: NSS through the Regular Activity and Special Camp activity involve the teachers, students and the dwellers of the adopted village in: Spreading awareness against drug abuse and in Health Awareness Programmes on Cervical Cancer, Breast Cancer. Blood Donation Tree Plantation Awareness about harms of open defecation and importance of building toilets with pits. Awareness programmes, rallies, etc. involving the students and the children of Village Aghar Ballian. Swachha Bharat Mission- keeping the college campus and surrounding clean through awareness generation. No Plastic campaigns (College to declare its campus as Plastic Free Zone) Clean Campus Mission- Awareness Programme with locals around the college campus and about how to keep the locality clean by using bins and discarding the use of carry bags. Surveys among the slum dwellers on health, education and environmental awareness Awareness. Generation on E-waste and establishment of E-waste Corner Evidence of Success: The community service extended to the Aghar Ballian village dwellers has been rewarding. Most of the villages are aware about maintaining personal health and hygiene. Village streets which were once stinky due to poor sanitation are now clean. Most of the households have constructed toilets and open defecation has almost stopped. Villages and college students themselves are marching towards being totally plastic free in the years to come. Tree cutting has reduced in the area. College itself under the banner of NSS has adopted solid waste management with installation of coloured bins and segregation of solid waste. Compost pit has been constructed in the college to harmlessly decompose the college waste into manure.


    Problems Encountered and Resources Required:
    The NSS Cell of the college has a separate committee with energetic young and senior teachers. The college authority extends all encompassing support. The committee takes decisions on regular activities and special camp activities through periodic meetings. The limited grant allotted by the Government is a constraint in itself. Apart from this sometimes the volunteers find it difficult to encourage locals to invest adequate time in learning. Although people are made aware of problems which plastic bag use may create but the failure on part of Govt. agencies in banning the sale of plastic bags is a major hindrance in the success of the efforts made.



    The campus:- community interaction serves a dual purpose. On the one hand it encourages social mixing among a diversified people promoting communal harmony and fraternity and on the other hand such frequent interactions with college students raise enthusiasm among children to join higher institutions of study for a better future.