GDC Reasi Celebrated World Environment Day with Plantation, Cleanliness Drive & Awareness Rally.

REASI// June 5: The NSS, NCC, and the Department of Environmental Sciences of the Government General Zorawar Singh Memorial Degree College, Reasi, celebrated World Environment Day’ 2024 highlighting this year’s theme of “Land Restoration, Stopping Desertification and Building Drought Resilience". The program was organised under the patronage of Worthy Principal Dr Kulvinder Kour with a series of activities aimed at promoting environmental awareness and conservation. The day began with a plantation and cleanliness drive in the college campus. The students, under the guidance of their professors and officials, took part in the drive, demonstrating their commitment to environmental preservation. In a symbolic gesture, the Principal planted a Pipal tree, marking the start of the plantation drive.The students followed suit, planting a variety of trees such as Gulmor, Jamun, Arjun, Mango, and Rain Tree. The initiative aimed at increasing the green cover of the campus and promoting biodiversity. Following the on-campus activities, the NSS volunteers and NCC cadets visited Chinkah, where they participated in an awareness rally organised by the District Administration of Reasi, where they raised slogans related to conservation of the environment.The rally served as a platform for the students to engage with the local community and spread the message of environmental conservation. About 70 students participated in the programme. The event was organised and coordinated by Prof. Apfan Ali, NSS PO, Mr Rakesh Kumar ANO NCC, Prof Rahil Dutta, HoD EVS. Others faculty members present on the occasion were Prof Romesh Atri, Prof Ravi Kant, Prof Hitesh Basotra, Prof Parveen Akhter, Prof Kewal Krishan,Prof. Mumta Kundal, Prof Surita Kumari, Prof Palak Malhotra, Prof Pooja and other non teaching officials including Sunil Kumar, Ranjit Singh, and Sham Singh, Mrs Rano, Mrs Pushpa, Mr Liaqat Hussain. The event served as a reminder of our collective responsibility towards the environment and the role each one of us can play in its preservation. The college administration expressed its gratitude to all the participants and hoped that such initiatives would inspire others to take action for the environment.

GDC Reasi Organized One Day Workshop on “Effective Communication and Leadership”

REASI, May 11: One-Day Training Workshop on Effective Communication and Leadership organized by General Zorawar Singh Memorial Degree College Reasi Jammu in collaboration with ELFA international was a dynamic and engaging event. With the Chief Guest, the Principal of GDC Reasi, and the resource person Mehran Khan, Chairman and founder of ELFA in attendance, the workshop promised a wealth of knowledge and expertise. The program commenced with a warm welcome address by NSS Program Officer Prof Apfan Ali, setting a positive tone for the day. The esteemed Chief Guest and the Worthy Principal Dr Kulvinder Kour delivered inspiring speeches, emphasizing the importance of effective communication and leadership skills in today's world. The General Secretary of the college Prof Kewal Krishan also added valuable insights and perspectives, enriching the discussions on the theme. Mehran Khan, the distinguished resource person, conducted, engaging and informative demonstrations that captivated the audience. His demonstration was a highlight of the workshop, showcasing practical strategies and techniques for enhancing communication and leadership capabilities. His expertise in effective communication and leadership shone through, providing valuable insights and practical tips to the 50 participating students. The active participation of 50 students from NSS, NCC and NCORD added vibrancy to the event, and engaging games were played to reinforce the concepts learned during the workshop. The interactive sessions encouraged team-work and communication among the attendees, making the learning experience both enjoyable and educational. Following staff members were participated on the occasion Prof Baldev Nagraj, Prof Zaheer Abbas, Physical Director Rakesh Kumar, Dr Abdul Majeed, Prof Megha, Prof Palak, Prof Rahil Dutt, and Team members of ELFA Zooin wani, Fatima Khan, Mr varun khajuria. As the event drew to a close, Kajal presented a heartfelt vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all participants, organizers, and speakers for their contributions to the success of the workshop. The collaborative efforts of GDC Reasi and ELFA in organizing this workshop had a significant impact on the students, equipping them with valuable skills and insights for their personal and professional growth.

GDC Reasi Organized an Awareness Program on "Overview of NCS with Latest Updates"

REASI, May 16: The Career Counseling Cell, NCC and NSS Unit of the Government General Zorawar Singh Memorial Degree College Reasi, in collaboration with the District Employment & Counseling Centre Reasi, recently organized an awareness program titled "Overview of NCS with Latest Updates." The event aimed to provide valuable insights into the National Career Service (NCS) and its recent developments. The program commenced with Sonia Kumari, a fourth semester student, inaugurating the session. Principal Dr. Kulvinder Kour extended her congratulations to the organizers and employment officials for their efforts in promoting career awareness. Key highlights of the program included, Career Counseling Discussion: Priyanka Singh, a Young Professional from the Ministry of Labour & Employment, Reasi, led a detailed discussion career on counselling. Attendees gained insights into various career paths and opportunities. She also told the students to visit our websites for more information, www.jakemp.nic / Vikram Rana, an official from the employment office, shared his perspectives on the NCS and its role in empowering job seekers. Prof. Romesh Atri, an experienced educator, also contributed valuable insights. Faculty members actively participated in the program. Prof. Romesh Atri, Dr. Ravi Kumar, Prof. Hetish Basotra, Prof. Mumta Kundal, Prof. Apfan Ali (NSS Program Officer) Prof. Surita Sharma, Prof Mehak, Prof. Diksha Devi, Prof. Rahil Dutta, and PTI Rakesh Kumar were present, enriching the discussions. Over 70 students attended the program, demonstrating their interest in understanding career related opportunities and updates. Neha Devi, a fourth-semester student, delivered the vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all participants and organizers.

Graduation ceremony of NCC cadets was organized at General Zorawar Singh Memorial Degree College, Reasi on 15/02/2024 under the direction of Principal Dr. Kulwinder Kaur ji. In which the senior cadets of NCC handed over their charge to the junior cadets.

NSS and NCC Unit of GGZSMDC Reasi organized the “Tiranga Rally”